Diagnosing, tracking and treating neurological disorders. 

The eyes are never completely still, but are constantly drifting off their target, then correcting automatically.  These small involuntary movements are called “fixational eye movements,” and are classified as microsaccades, square-wave jerks, drift, and tremor.  Saccadous has identified microsaccade magnitudes, velocities, duration, and intervals show patterns that can be used to identify and diagnose dementia and TBI. 

SACCADOUS is partnering with SMARTaging LLC to conduct a Mild Cognative Impairment (MCI) study beginning in the spring of 2017, and are seeking volunteer participants age 65-75.  [more information]


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Mild cognitive impairment (MCI) research study - Seeking men and women between over the age of 70.  Call 480-433-9735 or email wiley@saccadous.com  

Researchers from two Scottsdale based companies, SMART Brain Aging, Inc. (www.smartbrainaging.com) and Saccadous, Inc. are volunteers to participate in a Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) research study to determine the effectiveness of cognitive exercises designed to reduce or stabilize the symptoms of dementia.  

Participants have the opportunity to help advance research that is potentially disruptive and has the potential to reveal ground-breaking innovation in both the diagnosis and treatment. 

For more information about this study and to volunteer, contact us at:  wiley@saccadous.com or call 480-433-9735.