The first concussion test that you can't cheat.  


The eyes are never completely still, but are constantly drifting off their target, then correcting automatically.  These small involuntary movements are called “fixational eye movements,” and are classified as microsaccades, square-wave jerks, drift, and tremor.  Saccadous has identified microsaccade magnitudes, velocities, duration, and intervals show patterns that can be used to identify and diagnose a concussion. 



Saccadous was founded and awarded initial funding in February 2014, through the ASU “Furnace” Technology Transfer Accelerator competition. The company is based on IP developed and patented at Barrow Neurological Institute and based 10+ years of research from inventors Stephen L. Macknik, Ph.D and Susana Martinez-Conde, PhD.  In October of 2014, Saccadous executed an exclusive license agreement with Dignity Health for this intellectual property.  Saccadous is will provide a non-invasive eye-tracking solution for diagnosing, tracking and advancing the treatment of neurological disorders, beginning with mild Traumatic Brain Injury.  Our solution simplifies and mobilizes the eye-tracking while leveraging a cloud-based platform for the analysis, reporting and predictive analytics.




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