Diagnosing, Tracking, and Treating Neurological Disorders.


Saccadous, Inc. is an R&D company that provides a non-invasive platform for diagnosing, and tracking the progression of neurological disorders such as Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), Alzheimer's and Parkinson's.  This is done through the capture and analysis of eye-movements including saccades (voluntary eye movements) and "fixational," involuntary eye-movements. 

During visual fixation, the eyes are never completely still, but produce small involuntary movements, called “fixational eye movements,” including microsaccades, drift, and tremor.  The research and intellectual property we have licensed has proven that microsaccade attributes such as magnitudes, velocities, durations, and intervals, when compared, show patterns that can be used to identify and differentiate subjects.

The Saccadous solution is mobile, cloud-based, non-invasive, and relatively inexpensive.  Our technology adds involuntary eye movements as a new evidence-based data source which directly aligns with an aggressive and on ongoing Healthcare and Life Sciences transformation – the digital age in which mobile technologies, sensors, and advances in analytics make it possible to capture and decipher vast amounts of information.


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Saccadous is working with neurology clinics and college athletic training departments to identify an eye-movement signature for TBI.  Because Saccadous measures involuntary eye movements, athletes cannot "sandbag" their baseline tests to lower the standard for return-to-play.  Watch our video here.   



Past research has clearly identified a signature in the involuntary eye movements unique to Alzheimer's Disease.  Researchers at Saccadous are working to identify how early these eye signatures become apparent, and if the test reveals indicators earlier in the aging process. 



Saccadous is working with ASU, Barrow Neurological Institute, and UCSF on Parkinson's research.  Eye movements, including fixational movements and square-wave jerks offer important insights into the stage and progression of PD.  

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