Diagnosing, Tracking and Treating Neurological Disorders  


Saccadous provides a non-invasive eye-tracking solution for diagnosing, tracking and advancing the treatment of neurological diseases and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). This is done through the capture and analysis of involuntary eye-movements, know as microsaccades.  Our software driven solution simplifies and mobilizes the eye-tracking while leveraging a cloud-based platform for the analysis, reporting and predictive analytics.

Saccadous is based on the research and patents developed at Barrow Neurological Institute (BNI) part of the Dignity Health network and based 10+ years of research from our inventors and advisors Dr. Stephen L. Macknik, Ph.D and Dr. Susana Martinez-Conde, PhD. 

Life Sciences, Healthcare and Pharmaceutical related digital transformation has emerged as both a hot spot for venture investing and product innovation. The goal of this transformation mirrors our goal at Saccadous, which is simply,  better care through the capture and analysis of evidence-based data.